Last of the season….

I have so much to share. I have no idea how I’m going to get it all in here! I have been a busy girl, all these weddings, my husband working away, my little boy being in hospital, my blogging has had to wait. . This wedding  you are about to see is nothing short of spectacular, I truly couldn’t think of anything else better to do with my time, my life,  Amazing!  The reason I stay up late, get up early, work all day and at times neglect my own personal life…has everything to do with love. Real love, and the inspiration in finding that love within my couples, my families and everything around me. Not to mention the intense gratification I feel when my images mean something to someone. Enjoy my selection.

Let me introduce to you Paul and Rebecca. They have been waiting for this day for a long time. The two of them together… seamless.  This is my last wedding blog for weddings in 2014! save the best till last, you’ve heard that quote right? HERE IT IS! The day was beautiful and they looked so much in love, I had an easy and enjoyable day this Saturday. I think Rebecca booked my first, before any cars, dress or those beautiful extras you see in there day, she knew she wanted me and i couldn’t be more happy to photograph her and her wonderful family. having been in many times before i love seeing returning clients, i was made to feel like a guest and was welcomed with much excitement and joy. This was a very special day and I hope you are forever happy and as much in love today, tomorrow and always. your photographer. xx

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