A little help.

I love my home because of the people who i share it with..!  I love looking at all our photos around our home and being surrounded by happy memorys. Constant reminders of how beautiful life is.

There is one room which is left open with no photos displayed in it yet which is our babys new room, without knowing whether we are expecting a boy or girl i cant yet do anything. So i attacked our studio entrance room, decided one day “lets make this room just for babys”  the next hour i was printing photos out and planning where and how to display them. Pete got dragged in after work to put up shelf’s.  Gareth had the painting job and Vicky and me sat and put them up.  A frame doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to look fab on the wall. I spray paint frames, these ones i did pink and purple, along with the shelfs. Thanks for all the hep guys. So happy with my new baby room it looks awesome. x

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