A trip to Exposure….


Its not the first time this family have been in to visit me, in fact its their fourth.!  I have had so many returning clients this year i have been that busy i havent had chance to post half of them!  So hideously behind on blogging, it’s barely even funny.  I have sooo many beautiful families that have recently been photographed.  In fact, I have so many beautiful families and weddings from the summer that haven’t even been blogged yet. How will I catch up?

Its been so cold outside, and the fire has been going, and my baby won’t be a baby for much longer. I just want to keep squeezing him and making him smile.  He is almost twenty one months…. wow has that gone fast or what?  Some times I think, “I need to blog…  and then, Pierce does something cute, and I think… “later” and I loose track of time.  Its easy  for this to happen and i only have Pierce.  Meet a client who has three little muchkins keeping them busy.  Sarah and Nick have been to our studio four times now, im lucky to have such wonderful clients. they brought me in a new member of their family Penri. Im totaly took away with how well the photo shoot went…. at just weeks old he was such a wonderful little model. The girls Ffion and Carys are natural little posers now, being their fourth time and all.  A family who come along each year to get their christmas calendars, a family who are lovely to work with and a family who know the importance of a family. xx


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