All here for Henry

You may recall the beautiful Nicola and handsome Mark from their wedding in 2009.  They arrived back in my studio last week with a wonderful pregnant belly.  Being a  mum already i still don’t really know the first thing about  growing a baby…. I don’t know how to make eyes, or hair, or more importantly vital organs, but apparently our bodies do… Women’s bodies just know, and a baby is created. This to me is  incredible, and absolutely beautiful.  Nick and mark came along with mum and dad to photography Nick’s bump.  Soon to become a new mum let me take this chance to Welcome you  to the world of motherhood,  there is a lot of struggle, there are emotions, there are countless physical challenges,  nervous breakdowns,  tears,  endless fears,  worries and an amazing amount of ‘firsts.  No words could ever discribe what it is to be a mum. you are going to love it Nick. xx


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