Caroline and Peter

Look what perfect images you get when it starts to rain…!


I have so much to share. I have no idea how I’m going to get it all in here! Yes I have been a busy girl. The weddings you are about to see are nothing short of spectacular, come rain or shine every wedding is wonderful and we all had a great time. I truly couldn’t think of anything else better to do with my time, my life, or my energy. Amazing! Enjoy my selection.

Let me introduce to you Peter and Caroline. They have been waiting for this day for a long time. The two of them together… seamless. Caroline looked at me when I arrived… It was raining! It doesn’t phase me, in fact its an inspiration overload. We can deal with any weather. It was sprinkling with rain, then it was pouring. Then there was dramatic clouds and a bit of blue sky, none f it could have been more perfect. The day was beautiful and they looked so much in love, I had an easy and enjoyable day this Saturday.






Dont they both just look lovely…?


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