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  • puppy love

  • Come on who said you cant buy happiness forgot about little puppys!

    Anth and Emma you have the best wedding gift for each other…… beautiful, love, love LOVE them. Loved them that much they nearly didnt leave my studio. xoxox

  • max is in the house....

  • Gemma came to the studio and brought a little friend for me to photograph, Max.  Look at him isnt he so sweet.  He is adorable, ridiculously cute and incredibly deceiving.
    You see him and melt. But puppies grow up, don’t they… I bet Max is still as cute when he is a big boy.  These pics are for all you dog lovers out there. enjoy my selection.

  • A pups life.....

  • Those of you dog lovers, or Pug lovers out there in cyberspace may just want to have a peek of my mums new pup Wushi. His personality is amazing, I needed a break and decided to take the chance to snap away at the little fella. It soon had to end when he started eating my backdrop paper.






    Aww puppy breath. He actually bit me when i moved in for a kiss…!




    wushi….. Noooo wushi stop that at once! Thats enough. x