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  • A new bio....?

  • So alot has happend since i wrote my last bio….  I think its time for a new one.

    So, good… decision made, new bio. Ok great. Now what.  what should i write about me… what would you even want to know about me should be what im asking!  its not easy writing about yourself,  i remember sitting for hours when i first came to write my last bio!  where to start.??? Andrea Ayre soon to be Andrea Thubron. Andrea own bussiness for 5 years now. Andrea mum of Pierce Thubron. Andrea new extended home… too many rooms to clean! Andrea planning the wedding of her dreams. Andrea doing the job she has always wanted to do.

    I’m not sure what might be interesting for a bio. But I do know me. Right now. Not that you asked but her you have it…..

    I am a firm believer that anything is possible and that you have the ability to design and create your own life.
    I have a bussines mind.
    I brush my teeth in the shower, drink wine in the bath.
    I like listening to my grandads storeys.
    If you can dream it you can do it.
    I love the sea.
    I love to think that when I see a white feather  float in the air around me, it is my Dad paying me a little visit.

    As a child, my favorite toy was a wooden dog.

    I have three tattoos.

    When I was pregnant  all i would want is apple juice.
    Pierce is my little boy and my marvel.
    Pierce’s daddy is my favorite man alive.
    I have traveled all over the world, seen the leaning tower of pisa, stood inside the Sistine Chapel, ate lunch on top of  table top mountin, I’ve had coffee in Turkey, sat in massage chairs in Thailand with best friend vicky, and I once went tree top hopping in belise.
    Ive swam in a cadge with a great white shark next to me.
    I like fresh air, big skies and a room with a view.
    Ive celebrated a new year under the statue of liberty.

    I love to read chicken soup for the soul books.

    There you have it. now you try, but first have a look at my beautiful pp.


  • End of 2010

  • img_6230

    How important is a photo…. Seeing that little boy, a newborn baby… a three month old… sitting up… yelling… laughing… waving. It’s not just a cute photograph, not to me. It’s what a love struck parent looks to after a long day, when their little baby is tucked away in bed for the night.   It’s what I do late at night,  either looking through his year book, looking at the pics we caught on our little digital or looking at my phone pics.  We look at photos of our little marvel all the time.  Life is busy, fast… at times you are getting through moments, sadly somewhat unconsciously.  A photograph causes you to pause. Put the noise on hold. Stop. Look. Feel.

    It’s the end of 2010 for me, its christmas eve’e eve and im just about done, waiting for the last few clients to come and collect their orders. its been a busy year and i need to thank all of you, anyone reading now, YES YOU! for your support, encouragement… blog comments and emails. I am seriously grateful.

    I’m officially on Holidays. Christmas Holidays. Starting NOW. Yes, I’ll blog and update a bit. But, most of all… I might not.!  I will be doing a Best of 2010, so stay tuned for that!

    In 2011 I’ll be back, full of all sorts of wild ideas, inspiration and images. A girls got to charge her batteries and fuel her fire somehow.

    Merry christmas everyone and all the best for 2011.



  • BABY FAIR 2010

  • Just a quick note to inform people that the raffle has been re-judged and our new winner is Emma Watson. Emma has now been in and choose her free photos…. a fantastic collection of 24, she will take them all away in prints and on cd to re-print any other orders her family members might want.


    Well i never expected that…..! if you came along to our baby fair you would have seen for youself  just how busy it was.  It was full of all you fab exhibitors showing the public just what we can do and how good we can do it.  If you came alng to see our exhibitors and you had a mini photosession then here is a sneek preview of how it went.   The raffle winners detils are in the studio so come along and see who has won, a big congratulations you have just won yourself  £400 worth of beautiful photographs. We give away all the goodie bags and we know now that we obviously need something like this in our town from the turn out we received.  Have a look at some of the photos what we took on the day. If you are interested in turning any of your images from a session with us into amazing art pieces just email me for more information. This goes for family, maternity, babies, and WEDDINGS!!!
    Just drop me an email and I’ll be happy to let you know about pricing and sizing etc…

    Thank you to all exhibitors for a grand show and for a excellent day. Andrea x



    People waiting to come in and see us.!


    Exposure Photography


    Kids 1st nurseryimg_8365

    cards r hudsonsimg_8367Sure Start

    img_8369Nadines dance school ( well done you two little girls i thought you did fantastic.)



    Water babies


    little characters




    Mollys cakes


    it would be so hard to put all the photos on here what we did….1500 in total.!  so im really sorry if your  not on the website, but i have tried my best to put a good selection on. Enjoy x

































  • Mary had a little lamb...!

  • img_4026

    You can’t possibly not fall in love with this one!  I photograph alot of people, We have been here on York Road for 4 years now, during my time I come across certin people who really stand out, people who make my heart melt, people who you know are just nice people.  Lyla is all of them.  In all my years of photograhing teeni people i have never had any one person  give me a photoshoot like Lyla did.

    Have a look at some of my favorites from our fun filled sessionimg_4124




  • HARRY.

  • 2a

    I think the best way to welcome this week is with a big dose of adorable!
    Are you kidding me, with the cuteness!!!  How sweet is he?  Unreal!  I have had the very good pleasure of photographing this little prince/devil for the last two years now.
    This little one is beautiful.  Here are few my personal favorites. Its always so sad saying godbye to my baby book clients.. hope you an come back and see me soon.  If anyone is interested in starting a baby book or know of  anyone who is pregnant drop me an email or call us and we can talk through our packages with you. We take beautiful photos of your gorgeous belly and then a perfect little baby a month later and so on till your babys first birthday.  More than ever, I  appreciate and realize the intense value in maternity photos.  I absolutly love mine,  and once Pierce was born and I had no longer a bump I loved the photos even more.  In capturing a glimpse of the beauty of growing a baby.  The magic in setting aside the struggles and challenges, and just simply appreciating the beauty of what is happening within the female body.  Not to mention,  allowing a woman going through so much,  to see herself in a different light… my lights.








  • A face for Radio...!

  • img_6276

    Not this lot… check out the  Hartlepool Radio team. They came in this week to get some new pics for there website….. If i had to sum them up in one word i would say LOUD!!!

    Check them out for yourself.




    So Jeff is the one who made the most trouble in my studio…..!

    img_6214And his partner  in crime…..



    You can see all of the photos from our session at Hartlepools radio website.