charlie’s back.!

img_8640Not so very long ago we photographed Cheeky Charlie, he was part of the cool baby book club we have!  It is my pleasure…. to introduce the little love bug again. One year on and running around my studio, Talking… like actually talking.. I could have a conversation with him…amazing! He was running me over on his little scuttle bug bike, then giving me hugs he was every bit delicious. Michelle said every morning when i wake up and when i see his little face its like the best christmas pressent ever! I would have to agree with you!  I was most honored to have them in my baby club but then to have them journey over from their happy little nest in Easington, solely for a photo session of him a year on i can just say that im so lucky to have people who love what i do to come back again and again. thank you. Now enough talk and just look at this baba… enjoy x






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