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Pregnancy is a very personal time. We all go through a pregnancy on our own. Yes, with help, support  from friends and partners etc, but really it all ends up with you and that baby growing inside you. Personal and special. I love that studio images can capture and celebrate the best part about a pregnancy without seeing any of the not so pretty parts.  Studio maternity images are extremely intimate, personal, beautiful and are full of endless possibilities.  Nick and shawn married a year and a half ago and now returning for the start of there new adventure with our baby book club. One year covered with all the first’s caught on camera, each season, each smile, tear and frown, every step we get them all. For more details call our studio on 01429 863617. And right now our first session is FREE.

The first of many sessions of there wondful little bump. And doesnt she look amazing.  Enjoy the pics. x

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