For all you mummys..!


img_5854Being a mummy means loving someone so much, it actually hurts.  When you become someone’s mum, you instantly understand why she worried so much.  Why she cared so much.  Why she cried when you hurt yourself.  Why she missed you when you flew away on airplanes to chase dreams on cruise ships.  Why she was proud.  Why she laughed at your lame jokes,  why she bragged about your ’sports award’ in juniors,  and why she was so upset when you dyed your hair, got tattoos, crashed cars, drank too much, acted wildly.

Everything makes sense. You wish you maybe had realized what being a mum to someone really meant a whole lot sooner, and maybe could have been a bit easier on your own mum along the way.

I’m not sure if its the same for everyone. But for me, Pierce has rocked my world to the very core.  If i can do half of what my mum and dad did for me i know that Pierce will be fine.

Mum, I love you. I understand what you went through to create me. XX





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