He loved you First.

I was inspired before I even got to them, and was so excited to create images with them. They are the picture perfect couple, with big hearts and  big smiles.  The best part about Becky and Bri’s wedding at Redworth Hall wasn’t their stunning location, It wasn’t her amazing dress, beautiful flowers or her perfect shoes.  Nor was it Bri’s handsome suit, there sweet little daugthter Mia,  it was them.  Two wonderful people with everyone there watching them get married, everyone there just for them.

There are so many images I love, for so many reasons… but the main reason, in all of them, is that it was all real.  I didn’t ask them to be so totally in love, so happy, They did that, they are comfortable and happy in each others arms, so easy to see that this was the best day of there life’s.

I need to touch on the father of the bride speech, they always get me, i always listen carefully,  This day for them is the day they pass on there little princess to another man to take care of and look after. He spoke from his heart, his speech was pulling on my heart strings, its hard for me not to cry when a good father of the bride speech comes along, but when you hear one like Tom said I’m an emotional reck. It made me think of my dad and appreciate the happy times we had with each other, it made me think about my childhood, it touched on so many memories that i have’nt thought of for so long. You must be so proud of your dad Becky, i can see how much love and respect you both have for one another. enjoy your married life with Bri, but just remember… Your dad loved you first.

Thank you for letting me photograph your beautiful day, i enjoyed every minute of it.  The photos are a pleasure to work on. x

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