Julie and David

Julie and David had a  small wedding at the beautiful resort the Crab and Lobster, it is truely breath taking.  When I was looking around I was so excited and couldnt wait to start photographing, I had my creative head on and with the help of Julie and David we managed to capture true beauty. We also managed to indulge their quirky spirits. I had them running through the gardens and everything, I could see that David was a  little nervous at first but by the end of my day I was happy to be taking direction from him.  Well done David I’m glad I got you relaxed. So here we are with the most fantastic images with the most fantastic couple, you were amazing im so happy I got what you wanted.



Wellcome Julie and her symetrical side…!



This venue is amazing and was perfect for my Bride and Groom. You could’nt have picked a more perfect location for your wedding day. x

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