Kirsty & Mark

Photos don’t just magically make themselves.
They are a reflection (hopefully a beautiful one)  of the people in them.   Their story, makes their images what they are.   These images are happy and fun,  because Kirsty and Mark are awesome.  She said to me when she came in for her pre-wedding shoot…. “I look at your Blog every day”  Well kirsty here is your very own Blog, with your very own amazing beautiful photos.  It was heavy rain on the morning, as soon as my bride stepped into her dress the sky was blue, i was a happy girl, a Wonderful bride, with a wonderful attitude on everything, a groom who was patiently waiting and beautiful blue sky’s . The two of them together ready for there wedding day,  they are just so effortless.  Sweet.  Honest.  All things you’d want to see when photographing a wedding. X


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