lydel’s first years.

I had someone say to me the other day… ‘well you must have so much time off during the week, really you only work weddings on the weekends’… If only that were true.
On that note, I thought I’d share with you all what my weeks look like…

I shoot weddings Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Monday is my day off (which I always spend editing and answering emails), And feeling really bad on Pierce as this should be our day together!
Tuesday I shoot family sessions, baby book sessions, wedding viewings,

Wednesday is my day off, and I spend every minute with my beautifull little man, going to sign class, feeding group and making sure we have a great day together, My best day of the week.
Thursday I edit, answer emails, send out contracts and answer phone messages, do a few family shoots, Im working from nine till eight on a thursday….which takes me back to Friday… hey…. right back at weddings.   I love every moment of  it but I am a bit busy.

I feel I need to talk to you a little about our Baby book sessions.   We start  you off  by doing your maternity photos…. ( one of my favorite sessions) Then we continue your book with a session every month to keep track of your little one and to make sure you dont forget a single thing.   These sessions can include your christening and your childs first birthday.  We  spread the sessions over a year.  Evey parent who return to the studio to view there finals of  their little munchkins help me create the layouts,  we design everything to meet your needs.  Each parent who return are overwhelmed with the end result.   This has to be one of the most rewarding parts of my job and one of the sadest.

Im going to introduce to you one of my little darlings who has been with me since she was four months, she is now three and a half going on twenty three!  It would be cruel of me not to share a Photo of each session with you.   Lydel… you are absolutely beautiful.
I love all of you reading my blog, and am so excited to have such a warm response from so many of you about my shoots/weddings and daily happenings. You are all wonderful!


I dont think I can ever forget what had happened during this next shoot, I had asked Lee to hold Lydel up close to his face…… She is a busty little nude by the way, So we are getting right into the shoot and she wee’s all over her dad….. the funny thing is that Lee actually said “If she wee’s mind Andrea im going to get you!”   Big Oops sorry Lee……!











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