Mr & Mrs Kane.

I drove away from Helen and Andy’s wedding in Hartlepool, confident that I had gotten everything, every detail and moment I could, but hoping that I had done their day justice. Against my better judgement, I’m just going to say it… I nailed it. Editing these photos today, made me very happy.

Iv had a few years to get to know these guys, i first met them at Claire and Lee’s wedding a few years back, then again at Helen and Brian’s wedding…. photographed there beautiful daughter only weeks old.

Yor wedding was flawless. On my way driving down, (in the pouring rain) I just somehow trusted that the weather would co-operate for them. The clouds were out, but parted when we needed them to. Everyone, everything, every moment. Beautiful.
I am so honored to have been chosen to capture these timeless memories for you and your family.

May the two of you have nothing but love. Always.


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