Mr & Mrs Ward….

I love all my wedding clients, we are coming close to the end of my 2011 weddings, they all turn out different… The intimacy, connection and shared moments of their wedding days often brings me to tears,  as I sit and edit their images, post them online, blog about them, print them… deliver them.   I am working, however I am also spending moments of my life with them and with that, I choose to do so as passionately, lovingly, creatively and honestly as possible.  I am fully aware that I am creating a cherished heirloom.  I am a wedding photographer, their chosen wedding photographer.

They could have chosen anyone, but they chose me.  That is divine intervention, in my opinion. That, is amazing!

My brides this year have been stunning, caring, kind wild and also daring.  Seeing their trust in me, their belief that we are doing something wonderful… is more than I could ever ask for.  If you trust me, we have far better chances of making your perfect wedding album.

The weather this weekend was perfect for us,  My Bride was amazing and kind, all her family behind her, supporting, loving  and waiting for this day for her to be come a Mrs Ward. Wayne as excited and ready, he looked a little nervous but with all his ushers behind him he was doing fine. They were both totally in love and ready to do anything to make a good photo. Being the second to last wedding of my 2011 season, I can’t help but think about all of the weddings that have come before this one. All of the couples, all of the images.  All of the love.

I am really greatful you choose me to become your wedding photographer. I hope your day was everything you wanted and more.  These are my impressions of a beautiful wedding. And lots of them…! xx


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