My Little Bro…

Saturday the 11th of Febuary was the day my little brother got married. It was wonderful, the service, the venue, the Bride, Everything.

What better way to kick off my weddings for 2012 than to be photographing my little brothers wedding.  I have so many Favorite images from this wedding, it was lovely for me to be able to photograph his wedding, knowing exactly what they wanted, knowing them better than any other clients i have ever had… made my job So much easier.�
The images stood out  {to me} {to you}. Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly why an image speaks a little stronger than the others. For the most part, I have images that I love from the moment they appear in my camera, then later on in my computer screen.  In many of these photographs  its  all about  the sweetness, maybe the light, the colours, the feeling, their connections and passions. Or it could be the wind, the movement, the joy, anticipation or emotions… but it’s always about some breathtakingly beautiful…  moments. Frozen in time.

Anthony and Emma i had a wonderful day and by the look of you two i can see that you where all wrapped up in love and the enjoyment of your wedding day. I hope each time you see these photos a speacail memory comes back to you.  May you smile, and be as happy everyday as you where on your wedding day.  love  Big Sis xox

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