on your marks.. get set… GO…!



Its June already… half way through the year!…summer has arrived.  This is quite a shock,  as this means,  that all of a sudden I’m wildly busy!  But… I could have worse problems!  Welcome Rachael and her babies. cIt would be cruel of me not to share a few of these with you.
Elisa and Finley… you are absolutely beautiful.
The above image’s, are for sure, among my 2010 favorites.
How cute are they!!!!

Going into this shoot, I knew how much Rachael wanted her children captured.  And some times you just know how important it is for a mum to have her babies beautiful little faces photographed.  When I know how excited people are about their shoots, it does nothing short of spiral me into a wild whirl wind of inspiration.
I loved spending time with this bunch, and was so excited when the Eliza started flashing smiles my way.
What  beautiful children and what a pleasure to work with, I know I say this alot but doing photo shoots like this really makes me so happy to be a photographer.  And its all down to my models. Thanks You two…. your Amazing. x




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