one year ago.


One year ago little Miss Lilly Ann took her first breath in this world. Wiggled inside of her mums belly one last time, and burst forth into this world. Victoria and Garry came to me while they were pregnant and have stayed since. They are no longer just husband and wife they are 2 plus lilly! its something extrodinary to become more than just you. Lilly is part of them and thats something that will never change.  Each month in our baby book club we photograph our beautiful little darlings and capture the first stages in their lifes. This year has gone so fast… they do say it goes fast when you have children. One year seems like a second ago, and a hundred years ago. Im sure i wont have to wait to long till i see this family again. Have a look at her story and leave your comments its easy. click comment at the bottom of the last pic then scroll back down and start typing away. x








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