returning clients.

I remember faces… I see that many of them,  its always great when i see returning clients and there babies and how they have come on and grown.  I can remember when i was in my nine months of pregnancy and still shooting studio sessions, then it stopped for a few months while i took on a new role in life of being a mummy.  I cant say what changed, it just did.  everything is different.  I was no longer only me.  I am me plus Pierce. Granted Pete is a part of that we as well, but its something extraordinary to become more than just you.  This week i smiled again at returning clients with new members of their familys. I cant beleive three years ago i photographed a bunch of them, I sat for a moment and was so happy that they had returned, you aways want them to but how many do? Im one of the lucky one’s who can say most of my work comes from recomendations and returning clients.  Three years ago seems like a second ago, and a hundred years ago.

Im going to start the photos off with Emma and her wonderful litle family.  here i  bring you  my retrning clients and a  favorite pic from each session. emma came in to the studio 3 years ago for photos and returned this summer for more. what a great shoot and so many lush photos.


This little one is here  bursting with love, laughter and joy. i couldnt pick just one of  leannes beautiful little girl ellisia so here are three.!.. Beautiful.




Julie and her family came to see me a few year back… they dont live around here any more , they had been to other photographers around there area but julie said it just wasnt the same, so when visiting up in hartlepool one more time why not book in with her old photographer…ME! thank you so much for coming back in to see me. how your children have grown…. this pic is of julie trying to have a peaceful moment with her book while her children fight around her… i love it. x


Carol has came to see me every year for the past three to make up xmas callendars. now should be the time if you are thinking about doing your calendar shoots, bring along all of your props just like carol and her family then we can go through them all and put them into each month.


Claire and her most amazing little ones, This is the month for fabulous families. again i couldnt choose just one so i needed to give you two.! claire  your children are angels so nice to see you guys come back. and nice to meet your nw addition ewan. maybe see you again with another new one!! xx



Yvette was one of my most beautiful and stunning brides a few year back when she married paul hutton, they recently came back to see me as they were leaving to live abroard as they both have new jobs. hope whn they want the next set of pics doing they send me a ticket!! sending lots of hugs to you in your new home. x


well this lady has been with me for to long!!! june he was only a baby when you cme in and now he is a big boy!! he is so amazing i bet he has you tired at the end of the day. ! lots and lots of lovely pics… lets start making this book shall we? x


blinda first seen me on one of my baby photo comps.. she has been with me ever since, wellcoming a new additon each time. again beautiful photographs… you all worked so well and if it wasnt for you coming back time and time again exposure phtography just wouldnt be the same. x


A big thank you to every one who has come back… i am a little behind on the blog and these pics are from 5 weeks ago so for all of you later returning clients i will post again! xx

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