Save the best till last…!

Last week i finished my last wedding for the summer, i couldnt have asked for better clients, i mean WOW…. Leigh you are an amazing woman and Kenny you are such a loving caring man who is going to look after this wonderful woman forever.

You guys where recomended to me by a wedding client of mine many years ago (also a fabulous lady Julie) I go to many weddings now and see faces of clients who have also had me as there wedding photographer, what  a honor to be part of such an important day never mind a hole lot of you going around and telling other people to book me up…. its amaazing! Thank you.

I met up with kenny first and his porche, he was excited and looked eager to get to the church. I walked into Leigh’s home and she was breathaking, her dress was amazing and was just right for her. The room was filled with lovely ladys full of laughter. Leigh is detail girl. (which is awesome for me) She put every effort and thought into every tiny detail of this wedding. Every one of you at this wedding looked amazing. A ceremony at Stranton Church then onto Shotton Hall. It was such a beautiful day.  My absolute favorite photographs are the bride and groom photos in the Arch way of the church,  Quiet, serene and to me they seem to step right out of a fairy tale. Yup, I said fairy tale.!

Leigh and Kenny….I am so grateful you chose me.
Wishing you two love birds the most laughter and joy possible. x

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