We hope you will find the images to be fresh, alive and very exciting!  Andrea consistently prides herself on creating timeless images that inspire and amaze.  She passionately and lovingly captures images that you and your loved ones will undoubtedly cherish.  You’ll wonder why you had waited so long.   A little something on how I feel about weddings:  The reason I stay up late, get up early, work all day and at times neglect my own personal life…has everything to do with love.  Real love,  and the inspiration in finding that love within my couples,  my families and everything around me.  Not to mention the intense gratification I feel when my images mean something to someone.  And to be surrounded with what I find beautiful all the time.  Real stories, create real moments. Real moments, create the most inspiration, and to me… the most amazing  wedding photographs. 

 If your planning your wedding day and would like some infomation from us your best off poping into our studio to have a chat and cupper with Andrea.  We wont hardsell on you and would just like you to ask as many questions as you can and look through our albums and layout work.  We ask you to notice our work… not the album,  ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS can get all albums!  We want you to notice the detail, the absolute magic, and that your wedding photgraphs are nothing short of spectacular.  You need a photographer who is going to work with you, not tell you what they will do!   You need a photographer who will capture every minute and not leave anything out… this is a day you cannot re-do afterall,  choosing a photographer who is interested in YOU is so important.!  You need a photgrapher with a good reputation.  You need a photgrpaher who you truely trust to deliver you the best possable result of your wedding day plus more.  Each wedding is tailored to how you want it… everyone is different and your not going to be the same as the bride and groom the weekend before!  Even though this is my profession  I do beleive this is one of the most important decision’s  you will ever make. We know your wedding photographs are  unique.  Not only does it alone remain to show you where your wedding expenditure went, but it’s value grows with years. While everything else connected to a wedding is a cost, your wedding photography is an investment.

Before your wedding day begins, we need to have a few meetings to ensure we are on a understanding and draw up what we are going to be covering on the day…. also we need to do our fun pre-wedding photo shoot.  You will view through them and see what you like and dislike, this makes you confident that on the day you are getting exactly what you want.

A good wedding Photographer tells the story of your special day. This always starts with pictures of the bride getting ready at home. being a female team this always helps.  We dont do different packages or diferent coverage,  I dont undersatand how photographers can turn up to your wedding day half and hour before the service and leave afterwards and call themselfs a photographer…. ! What about the beginning of the story, the emotions, the excitment, the nerves, the beauty of the full day..?

We will take an unlimited number of images, as many as is appropriate to fully capture the coverage you require, using the latest digital professional photographic equipment and lenses.

We will preview your wedding photos in our studio, we work on a personal level and what could be more personal than viewing your wedding pics!  We can help give you direction , and with our experience can help you deceide what layouts work best with your photographs.  Normally  we would get in contact with yourself  in approxmetly 21-28 days after the wedding. This depends on wedding season. We will have all your photographs ready to view on a music slideshow along with layouts we have created to go into different albums, books and storybooks.  This is great for people who dont know what they are going for, and untill you view your photgraphs… how would you?  This is a fab way of seeing how your photographs could have the best potential.  Sit back and remember the day as it truely was…. we have plenty of tissues…!

Here at Exposure Photography, we fully understand that every wedding is unique, and it is our aim to create a wedding album for you that captures all the joy, emotion and events of the day, and an album that is as original and different as the day itself.

 Every wedding is unique,  there are so many variations of albums. Every Bride and Groom has different requirements,You might want an album that stays in line with the thyme of your wedding and stays in line with your colours, therefore we don’t do ‘packages’ but will discuss all the album options and coverage options available to you and agree costs with you once your requirement has been discussed and understood.

CD Containing all of the images taken at your wedding  (excluding blinks) 

Reprints are available at £10  for an 10×8 print mounted in a card folder.   All other sizes of reprints are sold mounted and framed and are priced according to the size and type of the framing options required.   For a full list come in to our studio.

Albums:   After you have viewed your wedding  photographs we will start putting album designs together for you… depending on the album depends on the cost!  This is an expense you pay for after the wedding.  Its simple  you pay for the album you choose.   And that could be from £100 up to £1000  remember we create your photographs, you choose the album and we design from there. We never print or send any album designs off untill your both completely happy with the end reslut.

As a guide however,

prices start at £800 .    If  your wedding is on a Sunday £900.

Do you anticipate ordering many reprints ? If so, why not purchase a CD containing all of the original images taken at your wedding. We also will put your studio session pics on there. The CD will also contain all of modified images you have requested for your album (i.e. Black & White / Toned / Special Effects). The CD images are all at full resolution, so are easily able to be printed at a size of your choice (up to 20″ prints). If you are familiar with any image manipulation packages (eg. Photoshop) you could create an unlimited number of reprints with the final output being totally under your control.

Potentially thousands of pounds worth of images all for ….£300

Please use this price list as a guide, however, we are pleased to discuss with you any variations you may require regarding coverage or album type.

Terms & Conditions

A non refundable deposit of £200.00 is payable at the time of booking. The remaining balance is payable 14 days prior to the wedding. Any reprint orders must be paid for on placement of the order and any money for reprint orders from relatives or friends must be collected by the bridal couple. 



Preview albums are not offered as all photography is done digitally. Your wedding images can be previewed in our studio at a time best to suit you. WE work on a late evening to accommodate all you 9-5 workers!


This remains the property of Exposure Photography and any unauthorized copying of photographs is strictly forbidden and illegal.


All prices are subject to alteration, but will remain unchanged once a deposit has been received. No part of the finished order will be released by us until full payment of the whole amount owing has been made.


Please make all cheques payable to Exposure Photography

163a York Road Hartlepool TS269EA


We already have  a number of dates in 2010 and 2011 going.  If you are hoping to book with me, and your date looks to be still available, send me and email to   and we’ll see what we can do!   We look forward to hearing from you!

Keep a look out on our blog page for our weddings, we post every wedding on there only days after we have done them. Its good to be nosey and have a look and read through what  myself and my clients have wrote.


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