Winter Wedding

A Hartlepool wedding photographer, comes the end of a busy wedding season.  Armed with my favorite cameras and lenses im ready for Kayleigh and Pauls Wedding.

I try not to complain, but is somewhat worn down. Pregnant. Emotional. Not feeling entirely myrself. (Yes, I said pregnant) Tired. Suffering from a bad tummy and feeling nauseous. Trying desperately to shake it all off, and get down to making  magic images that will be different from the last wedding, from any wedding.  I meet a cool and collected Paul first who is ready to see Kayleigh. I meet up with her and magic happens, moments stand still within each frame. She doesnt try to pose she just looks wonderful and so easy to photograph.  The both of them so happy, magic through  the day, wonderful christmas images, the both of them looked beautiful. Kayleigh and Paul’s beautiful wedding, was exactly what I needed to fuel me up, and inspire me to finish off this wedding season with a bang. There are not a lot of weddings  for me next year. My brothers is next in Febuary. I believe now, after Kayleigh and Pauls… I am ready to conquer the few of them i have before the birth of our second baby.  Here are a few of my favorites from your wedding congratulations and Merry Christmas. x

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