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  • Newborn booking processes

  • Welcome to exposure Photography, We are based in Hartlepool but cover the North East. We specialize in Newborns and we consider a newborn to be just that, we like to get you guys booked in nice and early, around 7 days.

    However we are always extremely busy so we have made it nice and easy for you to get your newborn Photography session booked up with no hassle or worry that you might not get a slot.


    Contact us NOW! As soon as you reach your 20 weeks scan and have been given a due date we can get you booked in! We need a deposit of £20 paying along with your due date, and contact information to secure your date.  We know baby’s don’t arrive on time, but we can cater for this as long as your booked in!  When your baby arrives, please allocate a member of your family to inform us on the safe arrival of your newborn, we will then give you your session slot.


    A session can last upto 3 hours, we have a nice warm studio for you to relax and enjoy the session, all family members are welcome to join in.  We pride ourselves and aim to get you images that inspire and amaze. You are more than welcome to use all our lovely hand made items and props. We have many backdrops and can accommodate large family groups.

    Book your Newborn session today!


  • so little....

  • They dont dont stay this little very long!    Kirsty and Garry from one of my weddings a few years back have been in many times… this time was twice as sweet… Welcome Henry and George! Absolutly beautiful in every possible way…. there cuddles were delicious.  Thank you so much for coming out in this weather today to let me photograph them and Daisy. Perfect little family! x

    if you or anyone you know who has a new born then we are photographing them FREE this January… bring them along like Kirsty and Garry did their twins. Or call 01429 863617.

  • May 2012... with love!

  • The best thing about doing pregnancy shoots is that  the babies follow!  Welcome to the studio, Ivy Rose and Poppy, Both parents came in for maternity photos with me, both ladies looking fab straight after having a baby…well done you two.

    I loved the shoot it was lovely, we have to just take our time and slow down. this way you get to notice her feet, which will never be that small again.! Isnt life sweet.

    Wishing you all a lifetime of miracles and happiness. Xox

  • Baby Bobby

  • Yes i have been busy this month photographing all these cute babys. Sharing  all these moments and being a part of capturing this incredible phase of life, has become some of my most cherished moments in my job. Im so lucky to be able to photograph so many wonderful familys and see their amazing creation. Hope you like this newborn shoot as much as i do Natasha and Robbie. x

    And leaving you with one of the most beautiful pictures…. infact a piece of art….

  • New mummys....

  • I think first time Mummys everywhere can agree, the first few weeks of motherhood, are exhausting, confusing at times painful and a total blur.
    You are desperately trying to figure out sleeping, and feeding, and burping and the day to day routines that will become your new everyday life. It is kind of a crazy time.

    However, it is also one of the most beautiful as well.  As your child grows and the years march on, you will find yourself wrapped up  in sweet memories of these precious first few weeks.  You barely remember the chaos. You mostly remember the magic.
    You watch these perfect little beings in complete awe and notice that you made something so perfect.
    You kiss their little face a million times.
    You experience a big love, for the first time. like no love every before
    Thats how it was for me, and im sure its like that for all you new mummys too.

    I am so greatful to be part of capturing your lovely little boys first photos.

    Meet  Louie

    Joanne and  Paul’s exquisite creation