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  • Poppie georgia

  • I havent been very good with blogging have i?  well im going to get on top of it now… and starting us off is Beautiful Poppie, I have known Beth and Paul since they walked through my doors just under a year ago,  I Love maternity photos, love creating newborn photos and getting to snuggle these beautiful creations.  New babies are precious, perfect additions to the world.  I have dealt with this lovely family now for close to a year…we do a session each month to capture and create a wonderful presentation photo book at the end of her first year…. im sad to say her book is nearly finished!   I have been so honored to be a part of your family’s story.
    I give you, Poppie Georgia……surrounded by love xx

    if you would like info on our BABY CLUB, please contact myself by email.

  • Exposure Photography

  • My business was the best thing in my life one time, now its Peter and my two beautiful children. I still love my business its just down the line a bit now. I have had Exposure photography for 7 years now, WOW its one fast! Someone once asked me  ” When do you feel most successful as a photographer?” My instant reaction and immediate response was “When my clients see their images, and cry.” Thats how I measure success. Honestly. I love nothing more, than when those who have chosen me to capture their treasured memories for them, are speechless, are happy, are thrilled. That means more to me than anything. Its hard giving someone else the resplonsibility to look after what you have made and put your heart and soul into.Rachel has been there for me doing a grand job, working hard and putting crazy hours in to looking after Exposure.   Thank you t o Rachel for all of your creativity since iv been on maternity leave, my business has been in good hands. Here are a few of her clients images and the fun they had in the studio.

    Above Is Henry & His Dad Mark, Enjoying another Baby Book Session.

    Below are three images of Mum, Dad and baby Jasmine.

    Another three photographs below, Rocco has returned to the studio after completing a Baby Book with us.

    A photo shoot with Katie for her Prom

    Scarlett & Lucas

    Here is Poppy one of the babies in our Baby Book Club.

    Baby Vincent with his dad

    Steph & Dan visited the studio with their two girls

    Mrs Bee brought in her gran children for a photo shoot

    Leah another Baby Book Client bringing the Olympics to the studio

    Lucy coming in for some Maternity photographs

  • lets play football...!

  • Check out this little fella, he is a two year old talented little footballer. I went out for a session with Alex and his family this week and was so supprised at how good he actually was. His parents must be proud of this little two year old, full of amazing ambition. Keep playing your sport little dude and who knows where it might take you. xox

  • Ready for Christmas

  • So many people have come through my doors this christmas, either gifts for loved ones, for themselfs, or to mark a turning point in there life or someone elses. What ever the reason be I have had a wonderful busy lead up to christmas… with it only being days away i am so ready to relax and try and shake off this morning sickness with well deserved TLC time.  There is alot to share and each and every session was beautiful. May all your Christmas dreams come true. Merry christmas Andrea- Exposure Photography XOXOX

  • End of the year...

  • This lovely little bundle started off my photo session for the year and has came in again to steal the end of the show with these wonderful, beautiful, adorable photos. It’s doing photo shoot’s like these that make me inspired. Amy and Karl… what a precious little girl you have. The session couldn’t have been more amazing. I am grateful for such amazing returning clients. x

  • Thanks...

  • Today, and everyday I am grateful for many things, I am so grateful for my clients.  Every single one of you. I am grateful that you believed in me over 5 years  ago, and still do today.  I’m grateful you’ve grown with me, and brought my images into your homes time and time again. Thank you everyone.  My business hasn’t grown by itself.   I’ve worked so hard to get to where I am today, and with the continued support of my beautiful family and friends and clients, we are able to stay open.