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  • A prom night.!

  • A beautiful night to photograph a prom! Its been a busy few weeks, and im only getting round to blogging about this now, growing babies and having babies and raising them…. appears to be taking a bit of my energy and time!  In any case, Jade looked amazing, standing there in perfect light, eexcited about her prom. 15 and ready to face the world, good luck. xx

  • Emilie + sunshine = awesome pics

  • What amazing pic’s we got the other day, its October and here we are shooting in weather like this!  feeling inspired, balanced and excited to create. Emilie is a little natural and was very keen to get stuck right in there with posing!
    The blog has been neglected a bit lately, Im yet to finish our wedding album! lots to do, new assistant, hopefully should calm down now.  fingers crossed we keep this sunshine.

    Looking forward to sharing more soon. x

  • soon to be a Webb..

  • Im not going to spend every waking second blogging everything, but I have vowed that whenever possible, When i get the time away from Pete, my little munchkin and  the sunshine I will.  There is not one session that I don’t want to share. It’s just the time it takes.  I have rushed through these pics to share with you.
    Here is my fabulously gorgeous sister in law Caroline and her soon to be husband Chris.  Congratulations guys hope you had a wonderful party and you like the pics xx

  • girls on film....

  •  Monday often gets a bad reputation. They follow the weekend
    The truth is Monday’s can be great too. W ecertainly had  good monday night. We do give them runway girls a run for there money.!

    hope you all had a fantastic time to girls. x

  • So shy...

  • img_9629

    I was always nosey… loved going through my grandmas photo albums, to find old photos and ancient family relics… I loved seeing beautiful images of my grandma in her youth, her beautiful brown hair, dark eyes, and chic clothing.  I can’t help but wonder about Louise’s (possible) grandchildren one day coming across these images of their grandmother! AMAZING!!!!

    These shoots usually start off being about creating saucy images of yourself to give to a well deserving partner… but ladies, I’ve got to tell you… these sessions are always LIBERATING, often ending up being more about you having images of your self to look back at and feel good about, later on in life.

    Everyone generally starts off shy, timid, self-conscious and by the end of it, anything is possible. Clothes flying and sauciness lingering around. It always ends up being a fun, wild, and at times hilarious session that I cherish being a part of.

    I tend to believe that it is my duty as a photographer to ensure that you are captured in the most beautiful way, the light, the angles, and the non existence of a double chin. It is certainly a passion of mine, to help you look your best in your images, to bring out the beauty that I see in you. I love nothing more, than someone saying “WOW… Is that me?!”  Anything that can boost ones self image, and create a bit of love and laughter without hurting anyone in the process, is a good day for me.

    Louise loved them… infact she is on her way back to view again with her mum for help on getting the best one.  good luck. xx




    love this one…. how amazing does she look. well done louise x


  • Jane and Dean

  • img_4783

    These two love bugs were awesome,  The images i captured fit perfectly with their personalities, and tell such an honest story. Jane came to me and asked me to capture a creative and artistic style I hope i got you every little detail you wanted.  Looking at these photos its hard to beleive how nervous Jane was when she arrived at my studio. she soon found her way and we got these perfect pics for her to  treasure forever.