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  • sleepless nights...!

  • Sleep when your baby sleeps…. i cant stop watching him, getting to know him, he is an absolute darling.  Im behind on my blogging but i think when you have a 3 month old baby you have lots more things to worry about than a blog! I just needed to share some pics of him….. Something this sweet needs to be shared dont you think! xx

  • Maternity week 38.

  • If i can ask my amazing clients to share there maternity photos on line, i suppose, its only fair i do the same!  With just under two weeks until we meet our little baby, here we are in our studio, with nothing but a little light and a little clothing.

  • last trip...

  • Its our last trip away before we become a four! Pierce has grown so fast, i have to stop and pinch myself sometimes i cant believe this beautiful boy is mine! There are simple treasures everywhere! You just have to chose to see them. I love watching Pierce and his dad, beautiful moments, heartbreaking to watch the bond they have. So much of what he does is so much like his daddy. This weekend was fab for the three of us, simple treasure are the best kind! Love you so much Pierce x

    Running in the rain..

  • expecting...

  • What can you expect when you’re expecting another member of an already wonderful family?
    I can expect my family to be more than it was before.
    I can expect my family to expand into a bigger beautiful family.
    I can expect the connections shared within my family to branch out and become more beautiful than they already were.
    I know there is someone special inside of me, but i dont know him/her yet… which makes the eventual meeting that much sweeter.
    I love my family, growing another beautiful soul…
    Looking forward to meeting our new  addition, when he/she arrives.


  • Happy birthday

  • We just wanted to send our number one blog fan  a little love this morning and wish her the very best birthday ever.  We also, just want her to know, that she is loved.

    Hope its a fantastic day and you like all your pressy’s.

  • Missing you daddy

  • Pierce is missing his Daddy… only a few more days till he is home, but in the meantime, here he is showing off for his daddy,  and I just stand back and watch his beautiful light shine. We love you x