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  • Due Dates....

  • Her due date was a few days ago…. if this little baby were listening he/she was supposed to arrive before now! 40 weeks of caring this baby and its finally here. You won’t be pregnant in a week. So little baby come out when your ready, be nice to your mummy.

    To all you mams out there growing these little beings… be grateful. Even when it gets rough. Be grateful your body is able to carry these little wonders into the world. There are so many mams who would do anything to be in our shoes. All the best Tracey and Andy xx

  • Maternity week 38.

  • If i can ask my amazing clients to share there maternity photos on line, i suppose, its only fair i do the same!  With just under two weeks until we meet our little baby, here we are in our studio, with nothing but a little light and a little clothing.

  • The thing I love about a maternity session with a first time mummys is that everything is unknown.
    You want to control things, but you can’t.  You want to know when the baby will come, what the baby will look like, whose eyes? lips? You are praying for a healthy baby, a good birth. Less than two weeks to go for my friend Hazel and Michael to become first time parents. Looking at them in the studio they are ready and waiting. Yummy mummy or what Hazel!! You really do look well being pregnant, enjoy the last two weeks of it… Oh and Happy Birthday xx

  • expecting...

  • What can you expect when you’re expecting another member of an already wonderful family?
    I can expect my family to be more than it was before.
    I can expect my family to expand into a bigger beautiful family.
    I can expect the connections shared within my family to branch out and become more beautiful than they already were.
    I know there is someone special inside of me, but i dont know him/her yet… which makes the eventual meeting that much sweeter.
    I love my family, growing another beautiful soul…
    Looking forward to meeting our new  addition, when he/she arrives.


  • Mum to be...

  • Soon Paula will be snuggled up close to her very sweet litttle bundle of love.   The thing I love about a maternity session with a first time mums is that everything is unknown.  That feeling that you want to control things, but you can’t.  Paula’s  and Dave’s session was lovely she makes it all look so easy and effortless.  Not long left Paula, so eat all that chocolate, get pedicures, laugh, cry and pee 25 times a night because very soon indeed your baby will be here.  Than you so much for the lovely flowers. Good luck Andy x

  • All here for Henry

  • You may recall the beautiful Nicola and handsome Mark from their wedding in 2009.  They arrived back in my studio last week with a wonderful pregnant belly.  Being a  mum already i still don’t really know the first thing about  growing a baby…. I don’t know how to make eyes, or hair, or more importantly vital organs, but apparently our bodies do… Women’s bodies just know, and a baby is created. This to me is  incredible, and absolutely beautiful.  Nick and mark came along with mum and dad to photography Nick’s bump.  Soon to become a new mum let me take this chance to Welcome you  to the world of motherhood,  there is a lot of struggle, there are emotions, there are countless physical challenges,  nervous breakdowns,  tears,  endless fears,  worries and an amazing amount of ‘firsts.  No words could ever discribe what it is to be a mum. you are going to love it Nick. xx