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  • Poppie georgia

  • I havent been very good with blogging have i?  well im going to get on top of it now… and starting us off is Beautiful Poppie, I have known Beth and Paul since they walked through my doors just under a year ago,  I Love maternity photos, love creating newborn photos and getting to snuggle these beautiful creations.  New babies are precious, perfect additions to the world.  I have dealt with this lovely family now for close to a year…we do a session each month to capture and create a wonderful presentation photo book at the end of her first year…. im sad to say her book is nearly finished!   I have been so honored to be a part of your family’s story.
    I give you, Poppie Georgia……surrounded by love xx

    if you would like info on our BABY CLUB, please contact myself by email.

  • lets play football...!

  • Check out this little fella, he is a two year old talented little footballer. I went out for a session with Alex and his family this week and was so supprised at how good he actually was. His parents must be proud of this little two year old, full of amazing ambition. Keep playing your sport little dude and who knows where it might take you. xox

  • Closed Book...

  • There are three books just finished in our baby book club. All sad to leave, but maybe return when siblings arrive!

    I told Victoria and Gary…. “this book means so much more when he is older”

    Time catches us all. Whether we are aware or not. Beauty is time, in the stillness of a story. Every thing has a story…. These three parents just so happen to have a recorded story of there  beautiful children’s first year.

    May this bring back so many happy memory’s.

    Enjoy. Miss you all already xx

  • Ready for Christmas

  • So many people have come through my doors this christmas, either gifts for loved ones, for themselfs, or to mark a turning point in there life or someone elses. What ever the reason be I have had a wonderful busy lead up to christmas… with it only being days away i am so ready to relax and try and shake off this morning sickness with well deserved TLC time.  There is alot to share and each and every session was beautiful. May all your Christmas dreams come true. Merry christmas Andrea- Exposure Photography XOXOX


  • To all of the parents of each and every child who came out dressed up for halloween, thank you… my halloween was much more amazing because of you all, they all look wonderful. had to share some of them with you. enjoy.

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  • welcome back.

  • ” Eli how you have grown” you last saw me 3 years ago, you were one of my most adorable baby book clients.  It was lovely for you to come back in this week and visit me….. as you had come all the way from Canada quebec.

    You are beautiful and i loved spending a crazy little photo session with you one more time.  Until next time little boy! xx