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  • Last of the season....

  • I have so much to share. I have no idea how I’m going to get it all in here! I have been a busy girl, all these weddings, my husband working away, my little boy being in hospital, my blogging has had to wait. . This wedding  you are about to see is nothing short of spectacular, I truly couldn’t think of anything else better to do with my time, my life,  Amazing!  The reason I stay up late, get up early, work all day and at times neglect my own personal life…has everything to do with love. Real love, and the inspiration in finding that love within my couples, my families and everything around me. Not to mention the intense gratification I feel when my images mean something to someone. Enjoy my selection.

    Let me introduce to you Paul and Rebecca. They have been waiting for this day for a long time. The two of them together… seamless.  This is my last wedding blog for weddings in 2014! save the best till last, you’ve heard that quote right? HERE IT IS! The day was beautiful and they looked so much in love, I had an easy and enjoyable day this Saturday. I think Rebecca booked my first, before any cars, dress or those beautiful extras you see in there day, she knew she wanted me and i couldn’t be more happy to photograph her and her wonderful family. having been in many times before i love seeing returning clients, i was made to feel like a guest and was welcomed with much excitement and joy. This was a very special day and I hope you are forever happy and as much in love today, tomorrow and always. your photographer. xx

  • Mr & Mrs Morris

  • So many weddings that im editing, i did four this last week, im now getting square eyes from all this editing! This Wedding was just WOW! I mean come on, look at the dress, the flowers the cars…. its all just a photographers dream.

    Every detail of this wedding had been carefully thought out, Hayley is organized and cares about finishing touches… us photographers love this. Its my pleasure to have done this wedding, and share this wedding post with you all. Hayley and Craig were both very kind and caring  Leaving imprints on my heart and gin in my tummy!  Im glad you choose me, happy you trusted me.  i hope you have the most amazing time in Mexico, i will see you both very soon, All images ready and waiting. x

  • The New Mr & Mrs Wood...

  • My dad would say  “surround yourself with good people”.
    I can’t say that I disagree.

    Your lucky if you have kind loving people in your lives, surrounded by good people with big hearts. This couple here reminds me of what my dad would say. The way they where with each other, the laughs, the smiles, the love, They are just that.   I have known Anthony for a few years now and him and Michelle are a match made in heaven.  I have been looking forward to this day for some time now, I cant believe it has come so fast, even if it was booked over two years ago.

    Perhaps my favourite part of the day  was when Curtis looked up the isle, he took a deep breath,  you could almost see him become incredibly present, as he looked up at his mum he was so proud…. maybe the vows, maybe the music, All of it was breathtaking.

    They ozze love, they are all wrapped up in it, i love it! Its nice to capture it in moments, freeze them so each time they look at their pics they can be reminded of how incredibly beautiful the day was.

    i wish you two all the love in the world, if anyone is made for each other…. Michelle and Anthony its you!

  • Just perfec, Mrs and Mrs Fobes.

  • This couple paid extra for the sunshine, Taking a look on our August it hasn’t been too nice. Today was perfect, blue sky’s, lovely people a great family and LOVE!

    Lisa and Gary were so amazing to work with, a meeting with Lisa and her mum a few months back and i knew they were the clients for me. I’m so grateful that they chose me to capture moments that will never come again. I wish you both, nothing but blue skies.

    Enjoy your honeymoon, i shall have sample layouts ready on your return. x

  • linda and Edwinas wedding day.

  • Im trying to catch up on all my weddings, and im nearing the end of my 2014 wedding clients, its been a whirlwind of a year and ive had so much amazing fun with them all. I had Such a wonderful day photographing Edwina and Lindas wedding day, so many of their favourite people in the same place at the same time, watching on for the kiss that counts! Recommended from another favourite wedding of mine this couple really did blow my socks off. Amazing people and honestly what a honer to photograph them. Me and Edwina have just spoke on the phone, im sat thinking of what to write in my blog post for them. I can post them on facebook and get lots of likes but none of it means anything to me until i hear form my clients. I post and cross my fingers that all of my painfully inspired moments have paid off. Hope I did their moments justice, hope I captured it honestly enough.  These two woman are truly amazing and very lucky to have each other. Jasmine (flower girl)  had me crying in the reception with her heart warming speech, big fat juciy tears rolling down my cheeks…. my dear you have such a beautiful little soul.

    Its hard to put into words what you feel about wedding photos, i hope that when you see them its a true reflection of your day and each time you look at them your brought back to that very moment. much love Andrea

  • mr and mrs Reynolds

  • If i had to choose weddings to do every weekend i would want them all to be jut like this couple. from the moment Judith walked in my studio she was amazing. such a very special day for both of them and a wonderful celebration. Gorgeous, sweet, sincere and kind people getting married in their dream location on a ship. Their families and friends fun, funny and fabulous.  What’s not to love?  I hope your lives  will always be full of the same effortless beauty that surrounded you on your wedding day. xx