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  • Shopping...

  • Thank you so very much for all of you who graced my page and took time to add comments for cans of food to our food bank in Hartlepool. Me and my boy pierce have been shopping this morning and took them to our church where they will be passed on to the food bank. Thank you once again. X

  • returning clients.

  • I remember faces… I see that many of them,  its always great when i see returning clients and there babies and how they have come on and grown.  I can remember when i was in my nine months of pregnancy and still shooting studio sessions, then it stopped for a few months while i took on a new role in life of being a mummy.  I cant say what changed, it just did.  everything is different.  I was no longer only me.  I am me plus Pierce. Granted Pete is a part of that we as well, but its something extraordinary to become more than just you.  This week i smiled again at returning clients with new members of their familys. I cant beleive three years ago i photographed a bunch of them, I sat for a moment and was so happy that they had returned, you aways want them to but how many do? Im one of the lucky one’s who can say most of my work comes from recomendations and returning clients.  Three years ago seems like a second ago, and a hundred years ago.

    Im going to start the photos off with Emma and her wonderful litle family.  here i  bring you  my retrning clients and a  favorite pic from each session. emma came in to the studio 3 years ago for photos and returned this summer for more. what a great shoot and so many lush photos.


    This little one is here  bursting with love, laughter and joy. i couldnt pick just one of  leannes beautiful little girl ellisia so here are three.!.. Beautiful.




    Julie and her family came to see me a few year back… they dont live around here any more , they had been to other photographers around there area but julie said it just wasnt the same, so when visiting up in hartlepool one more time why not book in with her old photographer…ME! thank you so much for coming back in to see me. how your children have grown…. this pic is of julie trying to have a peaceful moment with her book while her children fight around her… i love it. x


    Carol has came to see me every year for the past three to make up xmas callendars. now should be the time if you are thinking about doing your calendar shoots, bring along all of your props just like carol and her family then we can go through them all and put them into each month.


    Claire and her most amazing little ones, This is the month for fabulous families. again i couldnt choose just one so i needed to give you two.! claire  your children are angels so nice to see you guys come back. and nice to meet your nw addition ewan. maybe see you again with another new one!! xx



    Yvette was one of my most beautiful and stunning brides a few year back when she married paul hutton, they recently came back to see me as they were leaving to live abroard as they both have new jobs. hope whn they want the next set of pics doing they send me a ticket!! sending lots of hugs to you in your new home. x


    well this lady has been with me for to long!!! june he was only a baby when you cme in and now he is a big boy!! he is so amazing i bet he has you tired at the end of the day. ! lots and lots of lovely pics… lets start making this book shall we? x


    blinda first seen me on one of my baby photo comps.. she has been with me ever since, wellcoming a new additon each time. again beautiful photographs… you all worked so well and if it wasnt for you coming back time and time again exposure phtography just wouldnt be the same. x


    A big thank you to every one who has come back… i am a little behind on the blog and these pics are from 5 weeks ago so for all of you later returning clients i will post again! xx

  • BABY FAIR 2010

  • Just a quick note to inform people that the raffle has been re-judged and our new winner is Emma Watson. Emma has now been in and choose her free photos…. a fantastic collection of 24, she will take them all away in prints and on cd to re-print any other orders her family members might want.


    Well i never expected that…..! if you came along to our baby fair you would have seen for youself  just how busy it was.  It was full of all you fab exhibitors showing the public just what we can do and how good we can do it.  If you came alng to see our exhibitors and you had a mini photosession then here is a sneek preview of how it went.   The raffle winners detils are in the studio so come along and see who has won, a big congratulations you have just won yourself  £400 worth of beautiful photographs. We give away all the goodie bags and we know now that we obviously need something like this in our town from the turn out we received.  Have a look at some of the photos what we took on the day. If you are interested in turning any of your images from a session with us into amazing art pieces just email me for more information. This goes for family, maternity, babies, and WEDDINGS!!!
    Just drop me an email and I’ll be happy to let you know about pricing and sizing etc…

    Thank you to all exhibitors for a grand show and for a excellent day. Andrea x



    People waiting to come in and see us.!


    Exposure Photography


    Kids 1st nurseryimg_8365

    cards r hudsonsimg_8367Sure Start

    img_8369Nadines dance school ( well done you two little girls i thought you did fantastic.)



    Water babies


    little characters




    Mollys cakes


    it would be so hard to put all the photos on here what we did….1500 in total.!  so im really sorry if your  not on the website, but i have tried my best to put a good selection on. Enjoy x

































  • january posts....

  • here is what my january looked like!!!!  And whats a better way to start it off than with an adorable bump pic. I absolutly love my prgnancy shoots, they are m fav.! you start with this…!


    And end with this…!


    Its not all babys and bumps tho we even get the beautifully stunning portraits in.!


    And yes more babys..!


    And the brother and sister act’s! These two are so adorable.


    these guys are part of my baby book… this is little Lilly all ready for her christening day. x


    Take a look at one of my sexy best friends! thanks vix for being my training model….. ( she loves it!


    And if you want to see what my assistant looks like…. take a look! Claire is the one who has took good care of Exposure while i have been off having a baby! she works part time so you can normally find her in here on mondays and fridays.  she is the one behind all the editing, the emails, the phone calls and actually most of everything!  I just come in now and go through the messages she has left me! ! ! ! dont know what i would do with out you Claire, Thanks xx







  • HELLO 2010

  • img_8239

    Well, I’ve come out of hiding… or partially. I am still enjoying some “me” (and Pierce) time. Going for walks, days out with my fellas (Peter and Pierce) and just really getting myself all back together in preparation for another “busy” season. Which begins in Febuary this year.

    Hope you all had a wonderful christmas and new year. we will be open again on the 11th and its going to be Claire shooting while i take the rest of my maternity time off….!  I will be back the begining of febuary.







  • October News....

  • My answering machine says I’m booked up for a full month… What that actually means is, I’m shooting between 3-5 shoots per day. What that actually means is… I’m busy. Very busy…but who isn’t really!!! I am really enjoying photographing so many wonderful families, and fabulous people!  Here are a few more family/ baby/ children pregnancy images that have been keeping me busy in the studio. If anyone is wanting any studio sessions you really need to call us asap, You maybe have a birthday you would like me to photograph or a christening… weddings are really busy, we are currently booking up for 2011.   But  just think we  have Christmas coming soon!   We do have gift vouchers if you can’t get booked in!  Last year was great on gift vouchers and judging on the feedback we received  our clients where over the moon with there gifts, and managed to keep us busy in January. Maybe have a call into our studio to see what we can do for you.

    From weddings, to pregnancy, to new babies and gorgeous grannies –  You’ll find my images to be fresh, alive and very exciting! I consistently pride myself on creating timeless images that inspire and amaze. I passionately and lovingly capture images that you and your loved ones will undoubtedly cherish.  You’ll wonder why you had waited so long.

    It’s true that weddings have been keeping me busy, but so have a number of other awesome shoots.
    Here are a few of my favorites from the latest.

    This is Alex, my first halloween shoot… well done for starting off my day with lots of love and smiles. I wish Pierce did the same!!!!


    Along came Archie, This little vampire was an absolute delight also. Good to seee you play the game.


    Aww Pierce….. you poor little thing! You still look absolutly adorable and your mummys angel. Your not the only one who didnt like it though… take a look at Jules after you!


    Yep you sure have set the ball in motion now Pierce.! Jules is only 12 days old here by the way people.    Tooooooo Cute!


    Archie wasnt a happy bunny either and needed his big sister Ava to come in and play with him.


    But we got lots of big smiles and laughter from Charlie….. This is a bit sad as it has come to the end of our baby book sessions. What a great last shoot. Watch out for your very own blog write up and a preview of all the highlights of our sessions together. Im really going to miss your character little man. Please make sure you come back and visit me.


    Oops  what happened to our beautiful little girl Lexi……!


    Little Ruby… how cute does she look when she holds her hands like this!


    And that was all in one day!!!! On to the rest of the October month… here are a few of  my highlights. enjoy.