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  • Newborn booking processes

  • Welcome to exposure Photography, We are based in Hartlepool but cover the North East. We specialize in Newborns and we consider a newborn to be just that, we like to get you guys booked in nice and early, around 7 days.

    However we are always extremely busy so we have made it nice and easy for you to get your newborn Photography session booked up with no hassle or worry that you might not get a slot.


    Contact us NOW! As soon as you reach your 20 weeks scan and have been given a due date we can get you booked in! We need a deposit of £20 paying along with your due date, and contact information to secure your date.  We know baby’s don’t arrive on time, but we can cater for this as long as your booked in!  When your baby arrives, please allocate a member of your family to inform us on the safe arrival of your newborn, we will then give you your session slot.


    A session can last upto 3 hours, we have a nice warm studio for you to relax and enjoy the session, all family members are welcome to join in.  We pride ourselves and aim to get you images that inspire and amaze. You are more than welcome to use all our lovely hand made items and props. We have many backdrops and can accommodate large family groups.

    Book your Newborn session today!


  • Last of the season....

  • I have so much to share. I have no idea how I’m going to get it all in here! I have been a busy girl, all these weddings, my husband working away, my little boy being in hospital, my blogging has had to wait. . This wedding  you are about to see is nothing short of spectacular, I truly couldn’t think of anything else better to do with my time, my life,  Amazing!  The reason I stay up late, get up early, work all day and at times neglect my own personal life…has everything to do with love. Real love, and the inspiration in finding that love within my couples, my families and everything around me. Not to mention the intense gratification I feel when my images mean something to someone. Enjoy my selection.

    Let me introduce to you Paul and Rebecca. They have been waiting for this day for a long time. The two of them together… seamless.  This is my last wedding blog for weddings in 2014! save the best till last, you’ve heard that quote right? HERE IT IS! The day was beautiful and they looked so much in love, I had an easy and enjoyable day this Saturday. I think Rebecca booked my first, before any cars, dress or those beautiful extras you see in there day, she knew she wanted me and i couldn’t be more happy to photograph her and her wonderful family. having been in many times before i love seeing returning clients, i was made to feel like a guest and was welcomed with much excitement and joy. This was a very special day and I hope you are forever happy and as much in love today, tomorrow and always. your photographer. xx

  • mothers day....

  • Mother’s Day is just around the corner. … we work Hard. We are on duty…. always.  And mums we should be rewarded. Celebrated. Cherished.  The love between a mum and her children… should be lovingly documented.

    Want to celebrate YOUR mum?   Have photos with her? Or want the perfect mothers day gift for yourself?   Your friend?  (However old or young those babies are).

    These sessions usually  fill up very quickly, so if you want in on it, please let me know via email  or call the studio on 863617 or always on the mobile 07931257281  asap.


    March the 7th

    At exposure photography studio hartlepool.

    30 minute appointment

    £50 all images on cd for you to collect the next day.

    Why? Because being a mum, is incredible.! xx

  • Shopping...

  • Thank you so very much for all of you who graced my page and took time to add comments for cans of food to our food bank in Hartlepool. Me and my boy pierce have been shopping this morning and took them to our church where they will be passed on to the food bank. Thank you once again. X

  • Cans for comments...!

  • Ok so i was in church today and i couldnt beleive how many people in Hartlepool who go without food! One of the topics in our service was about the food banks! they need our help and they are running short on food. I thought i could help here…  i know of other photographers who have tried this and it works.  here is how it works….

    For the next 14 days I will be blogging up a storm and all that you have to do to make me donate to the local food bank, is leave a comment. No really. Thats it.
    You comment… I purchase a canned good to donate to the local food bank. How easy is that!

    How can you comment? At the bottom of every post is a little note that says No Comments or 2 comments etc, all you do is click on that and enter a comment. Simple.

    There aren’t too many rules here.. you can comment on current posts, or have fun with it and comment on posts from the past. Whatever you are inspired to say, wherever you are wanting to comment… go for it. In this process, your kind words on the blog (not on facebook or anywhere else) will translate into food bank donations.
    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. You can comment on as many posts as you’d like, as often as you’d like!!!

    If you are another photographer doing the same, email me your details and I’ll add you to this post as well and we’ll share the love, the food and the all around good vibes!

  • New beginnings...!

  • All new clients this January, febuary and March will receive 50% off there studio session. Last year was a wonderful year… this will be our 7th year open and im so pleased its going good and strong. we have many returning clients and love seeing new faces come in the studio.