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  • This Halloween......!

  • Bring your little ones from newborn to age one along to the studio on the 30th of October for our wonderful mini photo shoot. Not only is the session ONLY £15 but prints are  also discounted… waht a wonderful little keep sake for your little ones first Halloween. Booking is essential and you must pre pay, space’s are going FAST… we only have a few left late on in the day. Call our studio 01429863617 and ask for the Halloween special. If your child is over one you can still book in, they just may not fit in the pumpkin but can be photographed beside it. I look forward to all of you wonderful little monsters coming in to see me this Halloween. Look at what i found when i was looking through my old pics… Pierce aged one and a bit…. seems just like yesterday. x

  • A little help.

  • I love my home because of the people who i share it with..!  I love looking at all our photos around our home and being surrounded by happy memorys. Constant reminders of how beautiful life is.

    There is one room which is left open with no photos displayed in it yet which is our babys new room, without knowing whether we are expecting a boy or girl i cant yet do anything. So i attacked our studio entrance room, decided one day “lets make this room just for babys”  the next hour i was printing photos out and planning where and how to display them. Pete got dragged in after work to put up shelf’s.  Gareth had the painting job and Vicky and me sat and put them up.  A frame doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to look fab on the wall. I spray paint frames, these ones i did pink and purple, along with the shelfs. Thanks for all the hep guys. So happy with my new baby room it looks awesome. x

  • Save Radio Hartlepool

  • This weekend i opened my studio doors to the public to have there little ones photographed absolutly free.

    One the morning of the shoot i was ready to go, its 10:45 and people where waiting to get in… perfect!

    you all came along with your beautiful children and we all had a amazing time.

    A big thank you to Raffertys Hartlepool for loaning us the wonderful props… they made such a difference.

    Thank you to Garry Brown who always does his very best to help me out whenever he can… he made this amazing easy to use site for me and made your gallery page so you could download your photos. Thanks again Garry.

    Thank  you to Natalie, Kay and Laura who helped out on the day and Archie our little elf.

    Thank you to you all who came along and donated to help save our Radio station. We held a Raffel on the day and the winner of a full studio session including framed 10×8 and 5×7 print is Amanda Thompson tickets 51 to 60.


    Go To this link   and this will take you to the site where you can view all photos and find your little cutie. We have over 150 photographs on here so please be patient. they may not appear in the order they were taken so look through them all.

    Thank you once again to everyone who helped out, I had a wonderful day.

    Andrea Thubron Exposure photography.

  • A lesson in Photography

  • Do you think he is going to take after me..? each time he comes in the studio he picks up a camera!

    I see so many familys every day in the studio. One lady last week asked me how should i take a nice photo of my child, i give her my advice and she came back to me and told me it was the best advice she had been given! wow thanks i thought to myself if i helped her maybe i could help you!  so here are  3 tips to help you along the way.

    1. Get down on their level.  Towering above them is one viewpoint yes.  But getting down on their level, you begin to see them in a whole new light.  Lay on the floor.  Crouch, squat.

    2. Connect with them. Let them forget that you have a camera in your hand (however have it on and in your hand). Don’t make a big deal out of ‘taking photos’. Make it fun. Sing songs, play games and connect first. Shoot next. Stop trying to make them stop what they are doing and smile. Do anything to get a laugh.  Saying “SMILE” or “CHEESE” may work for some, but my favorite photos are the real laughs and the ones that are truly in the moment.  Having a great expensive camera is awesome, but not if you can’t let everyone relax and have a good time and have fun taking photos of your life. Tickling, songs, counting… anything.

    3. Keep your camera (your “good one” if you have one) somewhere that is easily accessible, with charged batteries and a memory card in it. You are FAR more likely to take photos if your camera isn’t tucked away in it’s safe little hiding spot. I keep a camera out all the time. I find it is easier when Pierce is being super adorable to just grab the camera and take a few photos.

    My last ‘tip’ is to photograph it all. Document your lives. But PLEASE back up all of your photos onto hard drive or cds/dvds something!  No one wants to loose precious photos, and believe me… it can happen to anyone, at any time.

    Did that help, i hope so, have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the Royle wedding everyone x

  • A favorite..

  • Im on doing my advertising and who else better to use other than my little baby book super star Oliver john Hoey.  He was born the 30th of September 2009 weighing 8lb 2oz.  He  has just jsut graduated from his baby book club with flying colours. Oliver has been a wonderful model since he has been with us. Location sessions have been amazing,  studio sessions have been fun and the family are left with sweet moments and quiet reminders of what makes there family so incredibly beautiful.
    Thank you Simon and Claire for allowing me into your family’s intimate moments to capture a bit of what makes you guys, so special. Im going to miss your cheeky  little face young man!