Happy first birthday Cruz Neil. x

The 8th of June is our boys first birthday. You had one, I had one. We don’t remember it. But I bet our parents do.
I bet they remember bringing us home. Sleepless nights. Being unsure if they were doing everything right, or wrong.
I bet they remember our first cries. Our firsts.
I bet they do.

I can assure you, I will never forget the day my boy was born.
It is the greatest journey. The most incredible story. The most beautiful masterpiece. That just keeps changing and growing and changing you all at the same time. In so many ways.

I love you my sweet boy. May you have countless more firsts. May your life be full of joy, and love and endless happiness. May your sorrows be meaningful and profound and may you have the wisdom to see them as lessons.  May you always look for the sunshine, and see the beauty in the rain. May you dance like it’s nobody’s business and cry big juicy tears when you need to. May you be able to feel every emotion, the good the bad and the surreal. May life shower you with as many blessings as possible. May you have a free spirit and a light heart. Cruz Neil may your life be amazing, even in the ordinary moments. In every moment.

Happy first birthday Cruz Neil. You have all of me. Effortlessly. xx

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