I think the best way to welcome this week is with a big dose of adorable!
Are you kidding me, with the cuteness!!!  How sweet is he?  Unreal!  I have had the very good pleasure of photographing this little prince/devil for the last two years now.
This little one is beautiful.  Here are few my personal favorites. Its always so sad saying godbye to my baby book clients.. hope you an come back and see me soon.  If anyone is interested in starting a baby book or know of  anyone who is pregnant drop me an email or call us and we can talk through our packages with you. We take beautiful photos of your gorgeous belly and then a perfect little baby a month later and so on till your babys first birthday.  More than ever, I  appreciate and realize the intense value in maternity photos.  I absolutly love mine,  and once Pierce was born and I had no longer a bump I loved the photos even more.  In capturing a glimpse of the beauty of growing a baby.  The magic in setting aside the struggles and challenges, and just simply appreciating the beauty of what is happening within the female body.  Not to mention,  allowing a woman going through so much,  to see herself in a different light… my lights.








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