The Hall’s

At times its hard to put into words what it feels like for my clients to put there trust in me to photograph there wedding day…. Wow its such a lovely thing! I write alot of blog posts, i blog about weddings, about babies and about myself and my family. this is done to attract the right clients, so when we first meet, they seem like they have know me forever, when we send emails its like emails between frinds and not compleat strangers! This wedding just so happend to be a very dear friend to me.  Kay is one of my very good friends, we have to be our boys are best buddies! We were pregnat at the same time, our boys do  play groups we do coffee’s and lots of chatting.

Kay and Matt got mrried in Jamica and returned home last weekend for a church blessing and after party. Very egor to get a sneek preview of the dress i edited the pics and started on making my own magic on saturday.  I must say, I’m a big fan of people who get married with their children watching, or being a part of the ceremony. It just means something. Its sweet, its beautiful.  They’ve been through some stuff.   Building and caring for a baby is no small task. Stressful, emotional and new… it can be at times, ever so difficult. But, when you make it through and still look at each other like you just met. Look at each other with eyes full of butterflies. That  is remarkable.

Kay and Matt thank you for choosing me to be part of your day back home. love you both xoxo


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