The lead up to our wedding!

We got engaged on July the 1st, my venue was booked by July the 3rd.! i am an organised person , but i have been dreaming about this day since i was six years old so i have had 24 years to know what i wanted and being in the profession  i am in its been a very big help!  My friend Nicola passed me on the wedding bible which was a god send thanks Nic, i will pass it on for the next bride.
As a little girl i would dream about this day, my barbie and ken would get married every day. i knew what i wanted! Things change, i changed, i would have gone for the big wedding list and the big wedding dress but its a personal day for us and in that case we are having only our family with us during the service, sitting, watching, supporting, smiling. I will hold hands with my new husband, smile, laugh, cry and celebrate what we have found in each other. LOVE.  I am so looking forward to our fabulous life together and becoming the new Mrs Thubron.  Pete is amazing and im so happy to be marring this wonderful man.

The bridesmaid and my fairy’s thank you for doing this job for me, i know how excited you all are and i can only imagine how nervous you are Caroline to do your song, it means so much to me and Pete and i will be amazed if there is a dry eye in the place when your finished. Our  little ushers how smart you are all going to look i cannot wait to see you all together for the first time in your suits, and Pierce you have such a big job to do on the day, your going to walk with mammy down the isle with the rings. such a lovely thing for him to witness his parents get married.

I suppose one of the best things about orginising your wedding is choosing the dress, finding THE ONE!  Well i had such a dilemma with it, I went around the full northeast looking and not finding anything, and being very off put from some of the people who worked in these shops! Hello iv never been married before how am i to know what dress looks good till i try them all on! A baby book client Julie was great help in sending links and emails to me, thank you Julie.  One of my good friends Kay approached me and asked me to go to Hollywood with her to look! OH yeah lets just go eh…! I did..! It was the highlight of my wedding planning. So much can be said for you Kay, thoughtful, WILD, awesome caring girl ever. You made me feel so comfortable and we, if not YOU, found the DRESS!
I would never pass up an opportunity to go shopping with you for your wedding dress, just call me and I’m there! Thank you im so lucky to have my very own personal wedding dress shopper!

The cake, so many to choose, its all the time it takes to put every detail on there. I looked and looked and found my sister in law to be would be the best choice. Apart from the fact that they taste so incredibly yummy but i know that i would get exactly what i wanted. She has had so many practise runs bless her, don’t worry Sarah you will do a grand job. I have ordered freeze dried peony heads to sit in the tear of the cake, i have them at home already and they smell lovely.

I bet your wondering who is photographing my wedding? Would i do it myself..? NO, I want to enjoy my day and i want to look back through the photographs an see the real me the real emotion the real day as it was. Its hard shooting a wedding, You can plan, you can obsess, you can put everything into place.  But they have a life of their own.  Hard to control,  you just have to move with them. That’s why i am happy to have Derk Van Der Werff photographing my day for me. He is an insperation and when you see his work its truly Art!
The band is central park, the drummer is Peter’s dads friend and peters dad will also be up to sing mine and peters first dance. Again just like Caroline we are so pleased that you accepted it means a great deal to us that you are doing this for us. Thank you.

Our florist is Irene Bell, your work is amazing and thank you for all the ideas i cannot wait to see them.  07810443369

Sweets for the sweet, we are making up our own sweets table an idea passed onto me from grace’s grandma one of my baby book clients. I want to say thank you to Jane and dean for the trips you took to the wear house for all the sweets, i know they will go down well. And also a big thank you to Carl from the secret garden in Hartlepool for all the vases you are lending me for the sweets to go into. Carl, also a very talented florist 01429 281 018

Sylvia without you we would’nt have a beautiful dress for Caroline to wear. although it was hard finding the perfect material we got there in the end.

The garter, a website was passed onto me from one of my wedding clients Jo, who married graham in july 2009. i have it and it looks great thank you.

The invites, its a big thing, its the first thing your guest see and you want them to look the business dont you! Maxine Mortram thank you for the info and ordering them for me, I did have sore hands when i was finished but was all worth the while they look fab.

Nicola you have literally  just been on the phone to me to tell me your wonderful news. congratulations. Nicola was another one of my brides who set off on her own little venture of designing chair covers, i booked her in asap. its great news to see that she is very busy and doing well. 07748925491

The make up was bought while away with Kay in Hollywood we went and had a makeover, i have come home and can i for the life of me apply the same as she did so i have Becky King, one of my Brides to be, applying it for me. She has a fab new little business just opened, the beauty room. She  made a wonderful job of my lashes. Looking forward to my next treatments. 07827915734

The hair, it has to be right, and i cant really give to much away of what it will look like as Pete will read this! I have eventually got a hairdresser who can do what i asked! thank you Steph from the hair room, and congratulations on the birth of your new baby girl. six more weeks and i have you back at work im sorry!  01429 861 558

Fitness… I love chocolate! simple, i love food!  All over crimbo i was naughty. I started my boxing with my good friend Laura who i am now scared of,  my god girl you have a really hard punch!  Each step of the way through the pain we push each other on, thank you for training with me.  My Friend also has a very good talent which i tell her to pursue. Every girl loves shoes but if you where to see Laura’s shoes you would fall in love!  She decorates them and they become bespoke.She has a real talent and the finished result look great.  She has mine and is in process of  making them. I am excited to see your cleaver creation. thank you Mrs Picken. xx

Last week it all went a bit fussy when i got took away on my hen doo. Vicky and Caroline picked me up with the girls and took my off to do a little adventure, they had me tree top hopping…. Perfect thank you so much for an amazing day. they then whisked me off to a surprise meal which was overwhelming, i cried thank you to everyone who made the effort to come and join me on my hen doo. again whisked away for spar treatment which was perfect. followed by a very drunk night out in Durham dressed as super woman.  An amazing day love you guys. x


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