The New Mrs Thubron… :-)

It didn’t happen like I thought it would. But it was exactly as it was supposed to be. In my mind, the timeline was different. It was controlled, with everything just in the right spot. I should have know better, i see enough weddings to know that they have minds of there own.

In a morning where  my life was just moving so fast i got caught up in the whirlwind of  our wedding. Text messages coming in to congratulate me, checking the flowers, looking at the rain! getting my two little fairys ready, hair to be done,  Pierce running around, make up applyed, running here, running there…. Slow down! I had a morning moment where i was watching the rain fall straight from the trees,  if you close your eyes and stand under shelter, the birds are still chirping as though they don’t notice….. it didnt matter at all to me, anyway the rain makes an awesome photo and nothing was going to spoil our wedding day, not even a few drops of rain!

I stood strong, i  held it together while getting into my dress ( this is the moment most of my brides stumble) I had a happy smile on my face when i picked up my bouquet with my dads medal attached to it.  So far so good, I was filled with so many emotions,  but i kept it together. What  I didn’t realize was that I would  well up with tears just moments before i walked in to see Pete.  It was for a number or reasons but mainly because  i was just about to marry the most wonderful man in my life. The service was hard to get through, Acts of true love, real compassion, happy tears, laughs, grace and raw emotion… all beautiful. All wonderful and perfect to both me and peter.  Something we will treasure for a life time. Today the 26th of may we choose each other. We all know that life is short and fragile. Who we spend our time with should most certainly be our choices.  It really is nice to have you beside me Pete, I love us. I choose us.  I know, that every choice along the way, good and bad, I’ve made… has brought us, right here. Your choices too, every single one.   With our marvelous little pierce  it has all been worth it, today is the begining of the rest of our lifes together. I love you both. x

A small wedding was what we went for, intimate and personal. But it wouldnt have been the same with out Vicky, laura and carrie… my best friends, I’m not talking about the kind that come and go,  I have  the kind of friends that you’ll hold a certain bond with forever, im so happy that they where part of our wonderful celebration.

A question so many people asked me ” who will do your photos” Dirk Van Der Werff and my assistant Laura Pearman along with many family members clicking away at me. What a wonderful collection of  images we have, all showing the many emotions and real us on our wedding day, we love the results. after all i beleive a wedding story is best told with images. To see all of Dirk’s wonderful work just visit

Our wedding has  just made me cherish all of our 11 years of memories together, and  i look forward to many, many more. Enjoy our photos and leave your comments at the bottom. With much love Mrs Thubron. xx

With so many people to thank i really dont know where to start. June… sew and sew, YOU are an absolute star she really does know her stuff. you made a fantastic job of my dress. Thank you so much for your work and gengenerosity

My hair and make up… all booked in, but the girls ended up doing more, thank you for this, we all looked gorgeous

Caroline and Laura, you are so brave to do what you did, everyone was fighting back the tears, this means so much to us.xx

Our registrars many thanks we are sending your way, our service was lovely in every way. thank you Louise and Hillary. xx

Dirk i have said it before and i will say it again…. you Rock. our photos are amazing and we love them. Thanks to Laura my assistant who also took many many hundreds of images also. They are all wonderful. xx

The staff at the crab and lobster, you all worked really hard to make our wedding day so perfect thank you all. x

Carl our sweets table went down a treat!! haha thank you  so much. x

The Band…. A BIG thank you… Stacey you have without a doubt the best voice ever, everyone loved you guys. i know it wasnt the easiest job you have had to do! x

Thank you to all our guests who travelled up on the coach to celebrate the evening. All our cards and gifts are deeply appricated we loved having you there with us. xx


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