End of 2010


How important is a photo…. Seeing that little boy, a newborn baby… a three month old… sitting up… yelling… laughing… waving. It’s not just a cute photograph, not to me. It’s what a love struck parent looks to after a long day, when their little baby is tucked away in bed for the night.   It’s what I do late at night,  either looking through his year book, looking at the pics we caught on our little digital or looking at my phone pics.  We look at photos of our little marvel all the time.  Life is busy, fast… at times you are getting through moments, sadly somewhat unconsciously.  A photograph causes you to pause. Put the noise on hold. Stop. Look. Feel.

It’s the end of 2010 for me, its christmas eve’e eve and im just about done, waiting for the last few clients to come and collect their orders. its been a busy year and i need to thank all of you, anyone reading now, YES YOU! for your support, encouragement… blog comments and emails. I am seriously grateful.

I’m officially on Holidays. Christmas Holidays. Starting NOW. Yes, I’ll blog and update a bit. But, most of all… I might not.!  I will be doing a Best of 2010, so stay tuned for that!

In 2011 I’ll be back, full of all sorts of wild ideas, inspiration and images. A girls got to charge her batteries and fuel her fire somehow.

Merry christmas everyone and all the best for 2011.



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