Weekend fun..


I must have a million photos of Pierce literally.  We spend every day together and thats not enough… he is growing so fast right infront of my very eyes.  So im always documenting his every move, every smile, all the laughter, all the high-pitched squeals, his new dance moves,  his bright eyes, the smile he gives you when you applaud him and that funny smirk he gives you just like his daddy. I really cant get over how beautiful he is, everything he does totaly amazes me.  Being a mum has brought me more joy than possible,  and speaking of mums… Laura was the first of my friends who became a mum, and what a fantastic job she has done with Kai.  I have watched her for years now…doing a mums job, motherhood is a secret club  that you can’t explain… until you join.  All I can say  is I get it.  I know now.  I fell in love from the moment i met Kai,  And when Laura asked me to do his first photoshoot at just days old, thats was an interesting storey…needs to be told later!  Kai you are such a big boy now… you are growing so fast, im frightend that im going to close my eyes and wake upone day and Pierce is your age now!  It goes to fast, where is the pause button..?   Todays photoshoot will all be a beautiful memory one day.  Just as my pregnancy is now.  Just as the delivery is now.  Just as his first week is now.  Just as his  first month is now. just as his first year is now.  Life moves on, with or without you.  You don’t stay in a moment.  Good or bad. You move along.  Thats why when ever you can you should take lots of photographs, and include your close friends!  We  love you Laura and Kai. x


Love this one.











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